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We grow a new generation of materials and resources to replace fossil-fuels in packaging, textiles, and more. 

Our goal is to mimic the symbiotic processes of nature, to not pollute the environment but enrich it instead.

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Future-proof solution

A high performing solution which is durable, 

100% free of plastic and home compostable. 

The material serves as an oxygen and a microbial barrier. It is insoluble in water and impermeable to water which makes it a great alternative to plastic-coated paper and plastic foils. From bags to sachets, the material can be used for all kinds of packaging and wrapping that might normally be done with plastic.

*Material for food contact approved.

Lab-grown material beyond leather. Eliminating the slaughter of animals and unlike most vegan

leathers, it's 100% plastic free.

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To order materials in bulk, custom products, or conduct an R&D project,
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“What if we could grow materials instead of making them and at the end of their cycle, use them as fertilizer which would then be used to continue the cycle of a biological production system?”

-Roza Brito
   COO & CO-Founder

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