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Want to implement a circular economy in your business, education or personal life? At MakeGrowLab we do not only produce materials but also spread the BioRevolution by education, inspiration, and collaboration. Biorevolution means working with nature, not against it by merging the interdisciplinary approach of humanities, design, science, and engineering.

Presentations & Workshops

Looking for inspirational speakers for your event? 

In our presentation, we will tell the story of MakeGrowLab, their employees, and materials, why we decided to start the biorevolution, how to work with nature in the modern world and how to implement ideas into actions.

Sustainable Design

Looking for help with Circular Design?

Our services include:

- research & analysis

- concept design & prototyping

- marketing & communication design

- material design

- process loop design


Looking for project partner?

We are keen to help in any sustainable related project. Our team include- designers, scientists from different backgrounds as well as humanists and business developers. Let Us know how we can work together below.

Let's grow together

How can we collaborate?

We consult, design and produce 

bio-materials for mission-driven companies. Our goal is to mimic the symbiotic processes of nature,

to not pollute the environment but enrich it instead.