A Sustainable Solution Revolutionizing the Industry


Circular Products

New products for sustainable living

Health & Beauty

Zero-waste packaging for cosmetics and accesories

Powders & Thick fluids

Suitable for hot-sealed sachets

Show the message of your brand without extra pollution

Compostable Labels


SCOBY Packaging is weaved through a biological process that turns bio-waste into bio-material. 

This form of pure cellulose has unique features 

that does not need an addition of fossil-fuels and other nonbiodegradable and toxic substances.

How's it Growing?

We work on automatic modules dedicated to SCOBY. Our plan is to down the production cost to make SCOBY competitive with plastic. Our goal is to produce more than 1 tone of SCOBY, per 1 square meter, every 11-15 days.

H2O Impermeable

Insoluble in water

Customizable properties


Oxygen barrier

Plastic Free 100%

Microbial barrier

Let's grow together