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Scoby Packaging Materials™ (SPM) is weaved through a biological process that turns unwanted food into biomaterials. 

This form of pure cellulose has unique features that do not require petroleum-based additives and other nonbiodegradable and toxic substances. Scoby Packaging Material ™ is being developed for packaging, cosmetic, and food partners looking to produce home-compostable, recyclable, and circular solutions that have outstanding oxygen, grease, and water barrier to replace petroleum-based formulations. 

We are on the mission to change the future of packaging.

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Scoby Packaging Material™

 is a biofabricated material grown from food waste. The finished material is home-compostable, which later will become food again, closing the loop.



Forests contain 80 percent of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. They are also the second-largest carbon sink after the oceans. Scoby Packaging Material ™ does not use trees or other nature-sourced materials, therefore, contributing to maintaining a natural, non farmed forests.

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Scoby Packaging Material ™ grows in just a couple of days in a vertical, automatic process that efficiently outgrows forests sourced cellulose.

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Material forms

Using our innovative, patent-pending technology we are able to grow Scoby Packaging ™ in two different forms: a flexible film and water suspension additive for barrier coatings and composites.



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Heat sealing, Wrapping; Foil coating; Pressing


Flexible packaging

for foods and cosmetics


Barrier layer for paper


Single-use takeaway 


Reusable packaging

Water Suspension

Scoby Packaging Material™ Slurry is a water-based product that can be used as a multifunctional additive to strengthen barrier properties in biocomposites;

in the papermaking process;

or as a coating.

Our slurry acts as a thickener and stabilizer for formulations with a smooth or soft texture.


Mixing; Spray coating; Pressing ; Injection molding; Homogenizing etc.


Biocomposites additive


Barrier coatings

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Skincare products


Fluid thickener


Examples of use

We partner with cosmetic, food, and packaging producers to provide packaging where the oxygen, water, and grease barrier is crucial. We are looking to replace non compostable compounds with Scoby Packaging Material™

We are always seeking for partners to discover more fabrication methods and composites  in all packaging sectors.

If you wish to Join The Biorevolution contact us here.

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Is Scoby Packaging Material™ (SPM ™) made from kombucha?

SPM ™ is based on bio-nano-cellulose formulations. SCOBY derived from kombucha was our first inspiration in 2016 although the kombucha process wasn't scalable to obtain the product as we have now. Our patent pending process do not involve kombucha but microorganisms and food waste!

Can I see proof of Scoby Packaging Material™ properties?

We did tests with an external paper institute study proving that even 10% of MGL polymer additive to paper decreased oxygen transmission more than ten times (from 

1260 ml/min to 110 ml/min). Studies with single used plates that sustain 30 min of holding fluid were extended to 74 hours with an MGL polymer layer.

You can message us at info@makegrowlab.com for more details.


I need 100 000 packaging units per month, where can I buy it?

Coming soon...

How can I contribute to the Biorevolution?

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Sales Process & Partnerships

If you are interested in our material and looking to develop more sustainable packaging, follow this steps to the biorevolution. If you already know what you need, please contact us here.



Schedule 60min consultation 


Mock Up & Pricing

Lets start to explore possibilities and propose the best solution just for you. Start the process



Now time to manufacture solution just for you and test with your product. 

Pilot production

Let's produce the first batch of biorevolutionist packaging. This will serve as a limited edition solution that will be further scaled to sustain your demand.

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