Trans-Leather Samples
  • Trans-Leather Samples

    No animals - No plastic - No Problem 


    In case you haven't heard, the leather industry plays a significant role in releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It is responsible for massive deforestation, animal slaughter, and heavy use of harmful chemicals. 


    Let's face it, our society is gravitating towards a greener lifestyle, and we're here to make sure it goes in the right direction. That is why we at M.G.L. have created Trans-Leather; an animal and plastic-free leather alternative made from unwanted roots, fruits, and vegetables.


    This future material is durable, renewable, and versatile. Perfect for those seeking leather alternatives in fashion, interior design, and more. Order a sample today and see for yourself.


    Box includes: 4 different samples (Color and finishes depend on current availability.)


    Please Note: We have created a waitlist due to popular demand and will send samples in their received order.  (E.T.A : 6-10 weeks) 

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