CUSTOM BIOINGREDIENTS          INCI:  Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate 1L
  • CUSTOM BIOINGREDIENTS INCI: Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate 1L

    MGL line of cosmetic ingredients based on the biotechnological process of botanical fermentation. Our ingredients are grown in a circular process that produces resources for skincare without sacrifice the environment.



    We can adjust our fermentation for your formulation!


    Yeast Ferment Filtrate is produced by fermenting different plant-based stock. From abundant resources like sugar by-products to high-quality herbal mediums.


    With our consultation, we can choose the best feedstock for our microbes and your cosmetics.

    The offer includes ferment customization and 1 Liter of Sample product. To order more and get a quote contact




    In their manufacturing process, small amounts of bioferment are extracted, making it a premium cosmetic ingredient. It contains 100% Bio- Ferment without chemical ingredients. The Ferments are filtrated, checked their microbial activity, and then bottled in a lab with a peristaltic pump to ensure



    Time of Delivery:

    4-8 weeks from your formulation request.

      1 Gram

      We consult, design and produce 

      bio-materials for mission-driven companies. Our goal is to mimic the symbiotic processes of nature,

      to not pollute the environment but enrich it instead.