Fermentation Starter 200 ml



Due to the current global situation we have decided to share one of our most important resources in order for you to ferment a variety of goodies at home.


BABCHA BOY is a microbial blend that will teach you the art of fermentation that always helped humans to survive.


What is it?

A high quality fermentation starter based on a microbial blend carefully selected by our Future Farmers. They spent lots of laboratory time observing our microbial friends to learn what they can do for us


BABCHA BOY will help you ferment homemade beverages, veggies, fruits, vinegars, and beyond.


BABCHA BOY package includes:

- fermentation starter 250ml shipped in a glass jar

- recipes & instructions


BABCHA BOY is based on high quality herbs from our local farmer


BABCHA BOY bought in pre sale season- till end of march, 2020, will be send in April.


We consult, design and produce 

bio-materials for mission-driven companies. Our goal is to mimic the symbiotic processes of nature,

to not pollute the environment but enrich it instead.