R&D Manager: Bioprocess Engineer

MakeGrowLab is looking for an R & D Manager: Bioprocess Engineer in Pulawy, Poland starting from August 2020. The selected candidate will be involved in all aspects of scaling MakeGrowLab’s biocellulose based technologies for multiple commercial applications and will be involved in the design/build and commissioning of new equipment as well as improving and maintaining existing equipment and infrastructure.

Key responsibilities:


  • Co-manage implementation of new processes/products and exploring new technology in the area of microbial cultures, bacterial cellulose and new materials as bioprocess technical expert

  • Assist in design bioreactors, fermenters and indoor agricultural equipment for MGL upstream process

  • Assist in research and development of downstream processes and collaborate with design and research associates

  • Oversee R & D pilot production

  • Manage the plant process capability measurement, evaluation programs

  • Lead troubleshooting identification and problem-solving in the plant for process and quality issues as a resource for manufacturing

  • Support in creating company policies including, but not limited to:  Quality, Safety, Food Safety, Environmental, GMPs, and HACCP

  • Accountable for completion of projects that deliver measurable results that are financially validated.


Our requirements:


  • B.S. or higher in Chemical/ Bioprocess / Mechanical Engineering/ Biotechnology or equivalent experience. Higher level degree a plus.

  • Interest or experience specific to farming, particularly indoor controlled environment agriculture

  • Familiar with bacterial cellulose 

  • Familiarity with scalable purification and drying techniques 

  • Pilot-scale / Research Scale-up experience, particularly in Biotechnology

  • Experience with GAP / GMP and engineering for food manufacturing is a plus

  • Experience in aseptic/sterile fermentation/bioprocessing equipment, processes, and techniques.

  • Applicable knowledge of equipment sanitary design (for biotech, food and/or cosmetics) and proper clean-in-place (CIP) techniques

  • Experience transitioning novel processes from research to commercial-scale applications

  • Project management experience

  • Excellent communication skills, comfortable working in a multidisciplinary environment and on research / prototypical equipment

  • Intermittent physical activity including bending, reaching, pushing, pulling, or lifting up to 30 kg.

  • Ability to recognize the opportunity for improvement, lead change, and deliver results.

  • Sensitivity for dynamic business needs with the ability to accept and drive organizational change.

  • Experience supporting regulatory inspections is desirable


Our offer:

  • Full-time position, health and retirement benefits

  • Flexible hours

  • Professional development (Workshops/Conferences)

  • Work with international companies

R&D Assistant

MakeGrowLab is looking for an R & D Assistant in Pulawy, Poland starting from August 2020. The selected candidate will be working closely with the R & D manager on biocellulose based technologies for multiple commercial applications.

Ideal candidates will be familiar with industrial microbiology and laboratory, research projects management. Ideal candidates have worked with bacterial cellulose.


Key activities:


  • Maintain microbial stock

  • Research microbial stock efficiency and purity

  • Research ingredients influence on pilot production

  • Archive the R&D results

  • Assist in pilot plot production

  • Maintain laboratory

  • Assist R&D manager and project manager in developing pilot plant

  • Work on materials and end-product development

  • Lead materials analysis

  • Support project manager in implementing lab&production policies


Our requirements:


  • Bachelors of Science in Microbiology/Biotechnology/Biology and/or equivalent

  • Familiar with biocellulose, industrial microbiology, and DNA manipulation

  • Experience with laboratory equipment

  • Experience and/or interest in material science is a plus


Our offer:

  • Full time position, health and retirement benefits

  • Flexible hours

  • Professional development (Workshops/Conferences)

  • Work with international companies

Operations Manager

MakeGrowLab is looking for an Operations Manager in Pulawy, Poland starting from August 2020. The selected candidate will be involved in operational activities, which involves oversight of project efficiency, as well as the development and implementation of operational policies and procedures. Candidates will have at least a Bachelor's degree and have prior experience in management, EU grants or start-up position. A deep understanding of financial management is also a plus.

Key activities:

  • Supporting the executive team in a project's milestones & workflow

  • Documenting procedures for third-party monitoring(including PARP grants...etc). 

  • Review and approve all operational invoices and ensure they are submitted for payment

  • Managing stock control and inventory checks.

  • Having a keen eye on budgets and budgetary changes.

  • Creating and monitoring projects and teams.

  • Reviewing workloads and manpower to ensure targets are met.

  • Ensuring staff working on processes are happy and operating efficiently.

  • Maintaining communication between R&D, production and sales team 

  • Maintaining external communications 

  • Supporting all functions of the business to work together.

Our requirements:

  • Bachelors or higher in Business Management, Finance or related fields

  • Previous experience in management and finance

  • Interest or experience in Biotechnology, Chemistry, and Biology

  • Knowledge of EU grants policies and public procurement

  • Excellent English and Polish communication skills(Verbal and Written)

  • Great at Excel (Word) and all other data visualization programs.

  • Must have a positive attitude and be able to work with others

  • Occasional travel

  • Attention to detail required


Our offer:

  • Full time position, health and retirement benefits

  • Flexible hours

  • Professional development (Workshops/ Conferences)

  • Work with international companies


If you are looking for a new experience away from school contact Us regarding summer and winter internships from:

- Design

- Waste Management

- Material Science

- Marketing

- Others relevant

If you think you can be beneficial for MGL, do not hesitate to send Us your CV at

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