The project began with one question, " What if we could grow materials instead of making them and at the end of their cycle, use it as fertilizer which would then be used to continue the cycle of a biological production system?"

This was the early work of our co-founder Roza Janusz. During her thesis, Roza put this question to the test. She took the agricultural waste from her parent's farm and began growing SCOBY from the Kombucha process. The mix of these two led her to create many innovative ideas and got her much international attention.

However, she soon realized the SCOBY made from the Kombucha process was only great for the visual representation of her ideas. It does not contain the ideal properties which are needed to be used as packaging and textile.

To solve this problem, she joined forces with Josh Brito. The project objective was to design the process of production that turns biowaste into biomaterial in an efficient and scalable way.  With many years of trial and error, they were able to create a new form of SCOBY, which is durable, home compostable, and versatile. Still made from food waste but grown from a completely different and efficient process. We aim to manage properties of material to be great oxygen barrier, have strength higher than paper to be able to protect the product as a packaging or became a product as a leather/textile alternative All of it with the strict rule that we not sacrifice composability of the material and circularity of production and we won't add plastic to the solution so material can stay 100% home-compostable and toxic-free.


We aim for The biorevolution Movement - To fuse science with design, To create a fully circular production of local, sustainable materials and spread it around the world.  Our inspiration derives from the symbiotic processes of nature, specifically the life-cycle of plants, where there is no waste and everything is recycled. 

Since 2019 our team is growing with Future Farmers from different backgrounds but with the same goal: to spread The Biorevlution!

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